February 8, 2024, was a joyous day at Housing Oregon as we, in collaboration with The Housing Alliance, Residents Organizing for Change, and the Oregon IDA Initiative, hosted the 2024 Housing Opportunity Day at the state capital. This year’s event, characterized by its vibrant energy and unwavering commitment to affordable housing, brought together a dynamic assembly of 150 participants, including over 90 members of Housing Oregon. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Salem Housing Authority for generously hosting our lobby day at our favorite Salem community center, Pringle Hall.

It was a day replete with purposeful interactions and strategic engagements as we conducted meetings with an impressive number of 57 legislators. Our conversations with legislators were imbued with the spirit of earnest dialogue and a shared resolve to address the critical issue of housing affordability.

Unlike the previous year, which began with the unexpected interruption of a fire drill and the ensuing Senate Republican walkout, this year’s lobby day was marked by a smooth and uninterrupted flow of events. This allowed for a more focused and in-depth engagement with the legislators and a better opportunity to articulate our concerns and proposals.

We are deeply appreciative of the tireless efforts and unwavering support of our members, partners, and all the participants who made this day a testament to the power of collective advocacy. The success of the 2024 Housing Opportunity Day serves as a step forward in our ongoing journey toward achieving equitable and affordable housing for all in Oregon.

As we reflect on this day, we are reminded of the critical importance of our mission and the continuous need to engage, educate, and empower stakeholders at all levels. Our gratitude extends to everyone involved in making this event a remarkable success, and we look forward to furthering our impact in the days to come.