Housing Oregon is making a push to make change happen in the congressional lame duck session. We’re trying to secure a congressional fix for LITHC 4% Private Activity Bonds into one of the must pass bills at the end of the year.  New affordable housing development in Oregon and 21 other states will slow down significantly as we approach our state’s private activity bond cap. Congress can support Oregon and the other 21 states that have reached their Private Activity Bond cap by allowing a lower percentage of Private Activity Bonds (PABs) needed to access 4% LIHTC funds. By changing the financed by threshold requirement from 50% to 25%, a housing project which is 25% funded using PABs would still be able to use the LIHTC, ensuring that this critical federal tool remains available to build more affordable housing.

How to Take Action NOW:

Housing Oregon’s goal is to get Representative Bentz and Representative Schrader to sign onto an Oregon State Delegation letter to congressional leadership to take meaningful action on the 25% test fix for private activity bonds. 

Please call and email Rep. Bentz & Rep. Schrader’s offices. Unsure what to say? Read Housing Oregon’s sample message and email script here.