Date: Thursday, September 19

Time: 8:30 AM – 10:00 AM

Room: Galleria I

Track: Equity and Racial Justice, Resident Services, Property and Asset Management


  • Diane Hess, Education & Outreach Specialist, Fair Housing Council of Oregon
  • Laura Flores, Portfolio Manager, Princeton Property Management
  • Sharon Walker, Senior Portfolio Manager

Sadly, acts of hate and harassment directed at protected classes have increased dramatically over the last few years. About a third of these acts occur where people live. This session will explain HUD’s requirements for responding to resident-on-resident harassment based on protected class and explore strategies for investigating and remedying these problems. The session will also specifically address situations where the harasser has a mental disability.

Learning Objectives:

  • Increase awareness of the growth in hate and harassment today and community efforts to combat it;
  • Understand when an act of harassment falls under fair housing law;
  • Increase knowledge of the types of hate/harassment based on protected class occurring in housing with specific examples;
  • Understand the legal requirements for addressing hate and harassment, particularly HUD’s 2016 harassment ruling;
  • Increase knowledge of how to respond to and investigate acts of harassment on a property, including situations where the individual carrying out the harassment has a behavioral disability.

Participant Outcomes will Include Increased Knowledge of:

  • Legal requirements to intervene when acts of hate/harassment based on protected class occur on properties
  • The investigation process, including:
    • determining consequences for harassment;
    • addressing acts of harassment carried out by residents whose behavior is linked to a behavioral disability; how the reasonable accommodation process works in these situations;
    • how to deal with harassment complaints when it’s one person’s word against another and there is no corroborating evidence;
    • how to deal with situations when there is harassment based on protected class, but also other problems caused by the other resident;
    • documentation;
    • follow up.
  • How to prevent acts of hate/harassment on property

Impacts-How will the session impact the industry?

  • Protect housing providers from liability
    • There have been lawsuits against housing providers that did not take sufficient action to end harassment based on protected class on their properties
  • Support the housing industry in becoming a leader in the broader fight against hate