Amendments and Updates: NOFA #2024-HOD Local Innovation and Fast Track (LIFT) Homeownership & LIFT Supplemental.

This notice is to inform you of amendments to the Homeownership Development Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) #2024-HOD.

  • The NOFA document is amended to update the definition of Rural Communities to “Jurisdictions outside the Portland Urban Growth Boundary that are also located in counties within Metropolitan Statistical Areas with populations under 15,000, or jurisdictions with populations under 40,000 in the balance of state.” This definition better reflects the definition included in the LIFT program manual. This update broadens the definition of rural and changes identification to cities rather than census tracts. Additional resources are provided on the NOFA website to determine whether a development qualifies as rural.
  • Due to the date of the above amendment, the deadline for the first round of applications has been extended by one week to March 15.
  • Additionally, the scoring criteria document is amended to reduce the number of points required in the Financial Viability category by one and revise the errors presented in the Technical Training session.

A copy of this technical advisory, the updated NOFA documents, and associated materials are available now on the Homeownership Development NOFA website. Applicants who have already submitted their application will have their rural status confirmed under the new definition by OHCS and will not be penalized if their submitted definition is incorrect.

For all partners intending to apply, this is a reminder that your applications will be due on March 15 if you would like notice of award in May. Should funding still be available after the first round of awards, OHCS will continue to accept applications. The next submission deadline will be June 3 for awards that will be announced in August.

If you have any questions regarding this amendment or the NOFA in general, please reach out to