Date: Monday, Oct. 4

Time: 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm PDT (4:30 pm – 5:30 pm EDT)



Latisha Carlisle, Vice-President of Housing, NID Housing

Ellie Pepper, Deputy Director, National Housing Resource Center

David Young, Director of Capacity Building, Housing Action Illinois



Every day, housing counselors play a key role in helping people purchase or keep their homes, but most people have no idea that housing counseling is a profession, or how to become a housing counselor. Changing this is key to building more stable, equitable communities, since counselors help families and individuals–especially first-time buyers and those who have historically been shut out of homeownership opportunities–get on and stay on the path to sustainable homeownership. Join us to discuss how to raise the profile of the housing counseling field, encourage more people to consider it as a profession, guide them in becoming HUD-certified counselors, and ultimately increase the ranks of housing counseling professionals.