The Portland Housing Bureau has released a second draft of proposed changes to Administrative Rules for the FAIR ordinances related to tenant screening and security deposits for renters passed in 2018. They are seeking public comments on the following with tracked changes in red:

This draft responds to the public comment received this fall on the first draft and adds additional clarity to the public on the implementation of the FAIR ordinances. Significant additions have been added to the application and screening process including adding a definition for screening criteria, requirements for publishing a waitlist’s availability at  least 72 hours prior to adding names to an open waitlist and the order of processing applications including recording those received prior to the open period as being received 8 hours after the start of the open application period.

Additions to the security deposit process include dropping entitlement to reasonable attorney fees for prevailing party if the landlord disputes the Conditions Report, requirements for landlords to provide the Conditions Report within 10 days of repair or replacement, and details related to estimating original purchase price, date and depreciated value for repair and replacement of items related to Security Deposit funds.

Other tracked changes are listed for Security Notice for application and screening rights and responsibilities, a simplified Rental History form and changes to depreciation schedule for repairs and replacements. Housing Bureau staff

If your organization has already developed comments that could help inform a collective response from Housing Oregon members, please contact Brian Hoop at Comments must be received by January 17 and must include a first and last name to be considered. Send to or mail to PHB c/o FAIR Rules, 421 SW 6th Ave, Suite 500 Portland, Oregon 97204.