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POSITION: Housing Program Coordinator 2, Clackamas County
WAGE: $52,488 – $53,500 per year
LOCATION: IRCO Main: 10301 NE Glisan St, Portland OR 97220
STATUS: Full Time with Benefits
PROGRAM(S): Housing Supportive Services Programs
OPENING DATE: January 9, 2023
CLOSING DATE: Open until filled
REQUIREMENTS: COVID-19 vaccination or request for accommodation may be required.
Valid Driving license and proof of insurance required.
The Housing Program Coordinator will support the Housing and Supportive Services Manager
overseeing the delivery of high-quality housing and other stabilization services in Clackamas
County, with the potential to expand to new geographic areas in the future. This position is also
responsible for helping to find housing resources, building out new partnerships with housing
developments that are open to setting aside spaces for IRCO client housing and social services.
Housing Program Coordinator 2 is responsible for all aspects of their programs, including
ensuring quality client outcomes, the successful and timely completion of funder required
reports, spending and budget monitoring, supervision of staff, creation of program standards,
forms, and processes. The Housing Program Coordinator 2 will also help promote stability
through direct financial and program assistance, tenant rights education, advocacy,
empowerment, and linkages with other IRCO departments including employment and
workforce development. The Housing Coordinator 2 must have excellent communication skills,
be well-versed in case management, be knowledgeable about how to help clients meet their
housing and social service, needs, and have strong time management and paperwork
completion skills.
• Lead strategic planning for housing and supportive services programs • Provide
supportive supervision to direct-line staff Supportive Housing Services, Rapid ReHousing and Street Outreach Case Managers, ensuring quality service delivery for
clients and up-to-date information to staff and community. Responsible for hiring,
conducting performance evaluations, setting wages, stepping in to support as needed,
providing course corrections and critical feedback, documenting performance, and
taking disciplinary action when necessary.
• Manage program budgets, budget review, writing reports, budget amendments,
contract renewal, and contract review. Ensure that all fiscal records and reports
pertaining to the program are completed within required time frames • Oversee all
aspects of program operations. Oversee certain contracts directly, for others, support
Program Coordinators with project plans, contract monitoring and compliance meeting
program goals and objectives, and narrative and data reports internally and externally
• Participate and attend various external system and advocacy meetings with partners
and funders. Work closely with executive management and development team on
design and piloting of new programs and services
• Provide on-boarding and ongoing professional development opportunities for staff
• Maintain trusting, collaborative relationships with funders. Advocate with funders,
when possible,to ensure our contracts and scopes of work are manageable, allow for
quality client services, and adequately compensate staff
• Attend and actively participate in assigned community relations activities and advisory
and/or committee meetings; participate in management team meetings, staff
meetings, trainings, committees, and other activities to support IRCO’s goals and
• Ensure consistent interpretation of agency policies and security, internal guidelines and
overall Code of Conduct. This position oversees the identifying, safeguarding, and
destroying of confidential information and compliance with federal regulations and
state consumer identification protection act
• Engage with clients and closely monitor program outputs/outcomes to regularly assess
programs’ strengths and challenges and utilize continuous quality improvement
• In collaboration with the team, create or modify program procedures and standards
• Utilize equity and inclusion lens for all aspects of work
• Utilize trauma-informed care lens for all aspects of work
• Coordinate and entering data into IRCO ETO data system
Secondary functions include but not limited to performother duties as related to housing and
retention of participants such as housing referrals and finding housing resources. Supporting
housing staff in their day-to-day activities.
• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in social services, counseling, education, or related field.
• 2-3 years’ experience working in housing programs. Knowledge of HUD regulations and
program requirements required
• 2-4 years’ experience with program management/coordination
• Has lived experiences and strong knowledge of immigrant and refugee communities and
experience advocating on with these communities
• Knowledge of and experience with developers and real estate acquisition preferred
• Knowledge of educational, social, and human services, as well as the information and
referral system
• Knowledge/experience of best practices in social services (i.e., assertive engagement,
crisis, and critical incident response, etc.)
• Strong intercultural communication skills
• Must be flexible and self-motivated, and have ability to work independently and as part
of a team
• Must be able to manage multiple and conflicting deadlines and deal with high stress
• Strong ability to utilize strengths based, compassionate leadership style across diverse
• Strong ability to manage multiple, complex budgets • Strong ability to manage narrative
and data reporting
• Proficient in Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, Access and Power Point
• Must be able to pass to a criminal background and finger printing check • Strong
analytical and decision-making abilities
• Ability to maintain a high level of confidentiality and abide by HIPAA guidelines
• Ability to communicate in a positive manner verbally, in writing, and by phone to
individuals and groups
• Ability to communicate with a variety of personality types and levels of the organization
as well as with persons outside of the organization
• Ability to listen for understanding and take leadership in problem solving
• Ability to use basic office equipment, telephone, copy machine, fax machine, and
personal computer
• Must possess a valid driver’s license with a verification of current auto-insurance and
have full use of automobile during work hours
Regular communication inside and outside the organization to exchange ideas and gather
Creativity: Regular need to design and develop multiple program functions (work units) and
related processes and procedures
Mental: There is a regular need for assessment of risk, analysis of options and decisions without
complete information
Positions at this level require some physical efforts or manual labor such as lifting, carrying or
constant movement. Positions with regular responsibility for driving are to be placed at least at
this level.
Impact and Influence:
Positions at this level have an on-going impact on program outcomes, expense or budgetary
outcomes and program deadlines which is also part of the job responsibilities.
Work Independence:
Positions perform with some degree of independence. Work is reviewed on an as-needed basis
by Housing manager.Guidance is available upon request and as needed. Work requires some
Positions at this level required refined planning and goal-setting skills. Plans must consider
options and contingencies and must include methods for handling any difficulties encountered.
Supervision: Positions at this level are normally responsible for full responsibility including
providing direction to otherstaff/leads regarding program accomplishment
There is a moderately low level of personal risk encountered. Job conditions are occasionally
uncomfortable relative to noise, temperature, inside/outside work, or interactions with people
experiencing crisis
Schedule: The work schedule occasionally fluctuates based on organization or customer needs.
This fluctuation may occur with or without prior notice.
Applications are accessible on the IRCO website, or IRCO’s main office, 10301 NE
Glisan, Portland, OR 97220, 503-234-1541. Attach resume and cover letter to IRCO application
form. This position requires the completion of an IRCO application. Materials submitted
without a completed application are considered incomplete and will not be considered. Due to
the high volume of applications received, we will not be able to contact each applicant or
return calls regarding the status of your application.
The Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO) is a non-profit organization
established in 1976 to serve immigrants, refugees, and the broader community in Portland,
Oregon. Our mission is to promote the integration of refugees, immigrants, and the community
at large into a self-sufficient, healthy, and inclusive multiethnic society.
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