As a Deputy Management and Program Analysis Officer, you will:
– Serve as Deputy Director of the Entitlement Communities Division that administers the CDBG program, a national program that impacts cities and counties in all fifty states.
– Support the Director, Entitlement Communities Division in allocating and controlling efficient use of division resources (e.g. funds, personnel, property, etc.). Oversee cost analyses of current or projected programs within the CDBG Entitlement Program.
– Develop program regulations, policies and procedures for the CDBG Entitlement Program.
– Evaluate and drafts program regulatory waivers.

This position is in the Office of Community Planning and Development (CPD), serving as the Deputy Director, Entitlement Communities Division, supporting the Director performing highly technical and complex programmatic activities.

This opportunity is also open to Status eligibles under announcement 20-HUD-1555, Please refer to that announcement for details on open period, eligibility, and how to apply.

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