March 3, 2021

The OHCS Affordable Rental Housing Division has an important update to the process for Elderly Bond funded projects to submit a rent increase request. It is their hope that this will serve to simplify their procedures and make the process easier for partners.

As of March 3, 2021, all projects should send their rent increase requests to the general mailbox at

Rent increase requests must be submitted to the following general email box:

Elderly Bond funded projects rent requests should be submitted on the OHCS Elderly Disabled Bond Rent Request form located on their newly updated website, found here:

Please ensure that all submittals include the required supporting documents needed, as listed on the rent request form.

Note: requests for increases to fees, including move-in or “Community Fees” should also be submitted to OHCS on this rent request form.

In addition, Sarah Reed was recently promoted to a new position within the Portfolio Compliance unit and all Elderly Bond rent increase requests will be overseen by Reina Orndoff, Compliance Analyst. Reina can be reached at or by phone at (971) 273-8605 should you have any questions in completing your rent request packet or the Elderly Disabled Bond program in general.

From:  James Hackett
Assistant Director of Portfolio Administration Section
Affordable Rental Housing Division

Oregon Housing and Community Services