Metro Council

In special recognition of courageous leadership by an elected body making a significant impact on the development of affordable housing during the previous year. Selected by Housing Oregon’s board.

In 2018, Portland metro area voters approved a $652.8 million affordable housing general obligation bond measure to create permanently affordable homes across greater Portland for seniors, working families, veterans and others who need them. Metro Council members have played a critical role advocating for and shaping this measure since first proposed some 20 years ago. The bond will fund affordable housing for approximately 12,000 people in the greater Portland region including 3,900 permanently affordable homes – reserving 1,600 of the homes for people who earn very low incomes ($26,000 per year for a family of four) and building half of the homes with two-, three- and four bedroom apartments – big enough to accommodate families. This regional approach to funding affordable housing is the first of its kind in the country. Metro Council’s leadership has set a high bar for communities across the US and paved the way for continued regional investments in affordable housing here in greater Portland.