Who we are

Bridgeview Housing increases self-sufficiency in low-income households by connecting them to resources in the community through our large network of partners who provide direct service to households operates all of the resident services programming of the Vancouver Housing Authority (VHA), and operates the Bridgeview Resource Center which offers a centralized location of service delivery for low-income households in Clark County. Bridgeview also operates the Vancouver Housing Authority’s HUD-funded Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program which is an employment and savings incentive program for low-income families who receive VHA-subsidized housing that aims to reduce the dependency on public programs like welfare and housing and increase self-sufficiency. This systemic approach and shared responsibility amongst partners in the community help break the cycle of poverty.

Who we are looking for

Bridgeview Housing is seeking a Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Service Coordinator that recruits and assists VHA Housing Choice Vouchers/Section 8 Housing residents in developing and attaining motivation, goals, and skills necessary for self-sufficiency. The FSS Service Coordinator assists residents in attaining employment through active case management referrals to post high school career/skills training, financial literacy, budgeting, self enhancement activities, job counseling, and position retention. Includes identifying, recruiting, and engaging community partners in activities that promote this goal.