Don’t miss out on this round of Oregon Multifamily Energy Program (OR-MEP) funding this year through Open Enrollment 2024-Round 1. They are currently accepting applications until March 1.

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About Open Enrollment

Projects must meet the following prerequisites if selected for OR-MEP funding in Open Enrollment 2024-Round 1:

Project will finalize development of energy efficiency scope to reserve incentives within 6 months of Open Enrollment selection.

Project will start construction or upgrades within 18 months of Open Enrollment selection.
Because they want to prioritize projects that are ready to move forward immediately after being selected, if your project can’t commit to these timelines or is awaiting confirmation of other funding sources to confidently move forward, they ask that you wait until the next OR-MEP Open Enrollment round later this year to apply.

OR-MEP’s Open Enrollment application process evaluates projects based on equity-focused criteria to prioritize projects to receive funding. They will only accept applications for project funding once every six months during the Open Enrollment funding rounds.

Projects selected for funding are then eligible to reserve incentives in OR-MEP.
OR-MEP provides cash incentives to existing and new construction multifamily properties that meet program affordability requirements. The program offers three participation pathways to meet your property’s needs, whether you are looking to install just a few energy upgrades or make whole building improvements. Learn more about incentives available through OR-MEP and the Open Enrollment process by visiting our website.

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