Governor Kate Brown (center-right) and Margaret Salazar, Director, Oregon Housing and Community Services (Center-left)

Governor Kate Brown was joined by affordable housing advocates from across the state on February 11 to announce the completion of Oregon’s Statewide Housing Plan titled Breaking New Ground. The plan reflects what is needed to address the housing and service needs over the next five years for both rural and urban communities across Oregon. It articulates how Oregon Housing and Community Services (OHCS) will pave the way for more Oregonians to have access to the stable housing opportunities necessary for self-sufficiency.

“This plan is truly an important achievement for OHCS, but even more so for the State of Oregon,” stated Governor Kate Brown. “The data and the six policy priorities will guide our State’s housing investments for years to come.”

The Plan provides an opportunity for members of Housing Oregon to work with and hold OHCS accountable to implement the six priorities, goals, and numerical targets focusing on equity and racial justice, homelessness, permanent supportive housing, affordable rental housing, homeownership, and rural communities.

“We heard about the substandard housing that many of our rural and agricultural worker families are surviving in,” stated Margaret Salazar, Director of OHCS. “We heard about the rising rates of family, rural and chronic homelessness and the disproportionate impact on communities of color.”

You can watch the release event on OHCS’ YouTube page and read the full plan on OHCS’ website.