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In the wake of unprecedented challenges, from the devastating January ice storm to the escalating concerns of rent arrears and insurance costs, the affordable housing sector stands at a critical juncture. Housing Oregon is dedicated to addressing these issues head-on, but we need your insights to navigate this complex landscape effectively.

Why Your Voice Matters Now More Than Ever

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Our communities have faced the brunt of a $50 million catastrophe (and mounting) due to the January 13, 2024, ice storm, highlighting the fragility of our housing infrastructure. Over 100 residents were displaced, seeking refuge in hotels or alternative housing, while our dedicated staff clocked in exhaustive hours, incurring significant additional expenses.
The specter of rent arrears looms large, threatening the stability of our residents and the viability of affordable housing. Without your input, the risk of evictions and the ensuing cycle of homelessness and instability could escalate, undermining our collective mission.
Moreover, the LIFT program—a cornerstone for homeownership and affordable rental housing—we are trying to understand which of our members utilize this tool, and which members do not, and to help identify and understand the barriers our members have to using this important funding resource.

As insurance rates continue to climb, the economic feasibility of developing and maintaining affordable housing is under siege. Together, with the Housing Authorities of Oregon, we are exploring solutions, but your experiences and insights are invaluable to crafting a path forward.

How You Can Make a Difference

By participating in our survey, you’re not just sharing your perspectives on insurance cost escalation, rent arrears, LIFT program utilization, and ice storm damages; you’re actively contributing to shaping the proposals for 2025 that will address these critical issues. Your responses will directly influence our approach, helping to secure a stable, affordable housing future for all Oregonians.

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Your input is crucial. Please take a few moments to complete our survey and join us in forging a resilient, inclusive future for affordable housing in Oregon.

Thank you for your commitment to our community and for lending your voice to this vital cause.