Under the direction of the Homeless Program Manager, the HMIS Program Specialist will support the Supportive Housing Services (SHS) Program and will responsible of managing software
databases such as WellSky Community ServicesTM (formerly ServicePoint) Homeless Management Information System (HMIS). Primary responsibilities include preparing and executing
HMIS Agency Agreements for SHS Program-funded organizations; preparing and providing trainings for HMIS users; maintaining privacy and security compliance of HMIS users; maintaining
User Agreements and other HMIS recordkeeping; supporting HMIS license tracking and invoicing; and preparing written SHS Program work flow documentation for inclusion in the Continuum of
Care (CoC) HMIS Manual. Additionaly, this role will work with cross-functional teams, will thoroughly analyze and clarify report requirements, and will be responsible for creating and
maintaining internal controls and reference materials to promote data quality and data timeliness standards in alignment with the CoC system-level reporting requirements.

The ideal candidate will have a commitment to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, public service, fiscal responsibility and innovation in government; proven leadership skills in a large, fast paced work
environment; strong analytical skills including experience in measuring, monitoring, tracking, and analyzing data; experience in developing program policies and procedures; advance computer
skills including experience with Electronic Records; the ability to interpret regulations, policies, and laws; and excellent verbal and written communication skills.

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