POSITION: Housing Assistance Specialist 

WAGE: $48,600 per Year 

LOCATION: IRCO Africa House, 709 NE 102nd Avenue, Portland, OR 97220 APPLY AT: jobs@irco.org or learn more at www.irco.org 

STATUS: Full Time with Benefits 

PROGRAM(S): Housing 

OPENING DATE: April 13, 2023 

CLOSING DATE: Open until filled. 

REQUIREMENTS: English Required, 2nd language strongly preferred in any African  immigrant or refugee language. 


IRCO’s Multnomah Stability Initiative (MSI) provides culturally appropriate self-sufficiency  services and engages households living on low incomes in ways that foster hope, leadership, and community so they avoid crisis, achieve stability, and access opportunities to reach  prosperity. The person in this position must have excellent communication skills, have an active  and compassionate approach to social services, be knowledgeable about how to help clients  meet their housing and social service needs, and have strong time management and paperwork  completion skills. This position is focused on recruiting and serving program clients from the  African immigrant and refugee communities. 


  • Recruiting, screening, and assessing new clients.  
  • Assisting Case Managers in provision of program services 
  • Providing outreach for program services within the African communities Communicating with diverse clients about moderately complex rules, policies, and  norms relating to the program itself as well as public housing resources and housing and  rental laws. 
  • Working with Case Managers to help clients work towards their housing goals. Completing detailed paperwork and maintaining documents including case files, Multnomah County’s Service Point data system, and IRCO’s ETO database. Distributing assistance funds to client’s landlords or utility companies  Referring clients to other sources of assistance to help them reach their housing and  other life goals. 


  • Attending trainings and meetings conducted as part of the Multnomah County Stability  Initiative system.
    • Participate in staff meetings, trainings, and committees to support the Family Stability  Program’s and IRCO’s goals. 
    • Interact with staff in other IRCO programs and community partners and refer clients to  these parties when appropriate. 


    • Must understand and experience with Portland’s African community. Must be committed to providing excellent service to a wide range of clients, including  people from many African cultures, other immigrants and refugees, and people from  mainstream communities. 
    • Must have the ability to function in a positive manner in a demanding work  environment. 
    • Ability and experience using a computer in a business or social services setting. Must  be able to learn and use new software after initial training. 
    • Ability to multi-task and meet multiple, sometimes conflicting deadlines. Detail-oriented with excellent organizational and grammar skills  
    • Must be able to read and understand moderately complex business documents in hard  copy and on a computer screen. 
    • Ability to deal with distressed and/or demanding customers and employees in an  effective manner. 
    • Maintain a high level of confidentiality. 
    • Listen for understanding and assist in problem solving. 
    • Communicate with a variety of personality types and levels of the organization as well  as with persons outside of the organization. 
    • Must have good grammar, spelling and writing skills. 
    • Communicate verbally and in writing to individuals and groups and by telephone. Must be punctual, maintain a good attendance record, and be able to work flexible  hours to meet the availability of participants and customers. 
    • Able to use basic office equipment, telephone, copier, fax machine, and personal  computer. 
    • Ability to sit, stand, walk, drive, talk on the telephone and/or use PC for long periods of  time. 
    • Must possess a valid driver’s license and verification of current auto-insurance and have  full use of automobile during work hours. 


    Education: High School or GED (1) 

    Experience: Less than one year of experience is required (2) 

    Licensure, Certification: 

    Additional Language Required: English Required, 2nd language strongly preferred in any  African immigrant or refugee language.

    Computers: All positions at IRCO require use of a computer and experience working with  Microsoft Products including but not limited to Microsoft 365, Excel, Word, Outlook and  PowerPoint. In addition, this position specifically requires: 



    Some interaction with those inside and outside the organization to exchange factual  information (3) 


    Processes and procedures are well defined (1) 



    There is minimal variation in tasks. The job holder is free to determine in which order tasks are  completed, however cannot choose to not complete a task (2) 


    Positions at this level require minimal physical effort such as light lifting, carrying or movement,  etc. Physical capability involves use of office or equipment where some agility and hand eye  coordination is needed (2) 


    Impact and Influence: 

    Minimal need or ability to analyze problem or concepts or make decisions on the information.  Dollar amounts influenced would be considered small. Responsibility for the prudent use of  assets does not extend beyond own work responsibilities. (2) 

    Work Independence: 

    Encouraged to suggest ways for handling these, but are not granted the latitude to take final  action. (2) 


    Positions at this level have little to no planning responsibility beyond the need to schedule own  work and determine impediments to own work schedule. (1) 


    Positions at this level are not responsible for any supervisory functions or responsibilities, but  may occasionally be asked to orient and/or train new employees or volunteers. (1) 



    There is a moderately low level of personal risk encountered. Job conditions are occasionally  uncomfortable relative to noise, temperature, inside/outside work, dirty conditions, or  interactions with angry or hostile people (3) 


    The work schedule is stable and does not fluctuate. (1)


    Applications are accessible on the IRCO website, www.irco.org or IRCO’s main office, 10301 NE  Glisan, Portland, OR 97220, 503-234-1541. Attach resume and cover letter to IRCO application  form. This position requires the completion of an IRCO application. Materials submitted  without a completed application are considered incomplete and will not be considered. Due to  the high volume of applications received, we will not be able to contact each applicant or return calls regarding the status of your application. 


    The Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO) is a non-profit organization  established in 1976 to serve immigrants, refugees, and the broader community in Portland,  Oregon. Our mission is to promote the integration of refugees, immigrants, and the community  at large into a self-sufficient, healthy, and inclusive multiethnic society. Find out more at  www.irco.org.