Earlier Housing Oregon comments submitted – Thanks to all Who Contributed

Oregon Housing and Community Services has posted an initial draft (CLICK HERE) of the 2019 revised Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP) used to guide their federal Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) programs. In an announcement from Julie V. Cody, Assistant Director for Housing Finance, OHCS is seeking a new round of feedback with a survey  (CLICK HERE) along with a webinar (CLICK HERE) scheduled for Monday, August 19.

The draft QAP revision includes substantial quantitative updates to the competitive 9% LIHTC scoring criteria. The QAP project website (CLICK HERE) also includes a summary of updates from the previous QAP, background materials and notes used in OHCS’s outreach meetings.

The revisions in the document reflect three primary objectives:

  1. Align the QAP with Oregon’s Statewide Housing Plan
  2. Adopt national best practices
  3. Streamline project selection and funding processes

Thanks to the 30 Housing Oregon members who contributed ideas and recommendations back in June reflected in comments submitted by Housing Oregon (CLICK HERE) and approved by the board of directors in July. The overall theme of our member feedback: Do not let the perfect get in the way of the good. Set and communicate goals and priorities, and let developers respond flexibly and creatively. The more restrictive QAP requirement are, the more difficult it is to deliver well on individual goals or multiple priorities.

Once we’ve had time to review, Housing Oregon plans to submit new comments. Please forward your comments to help inform our feedback by sending them to Brian Hoop at brian@housingoregon.org.

How to provide feedback to OHCS on the draft QAP