Kari Lyons

Welcome Home Coalition Director

Kari Lyons comes to the Welcome Home Coalition from the Multnomah County Public Health Division, where she was a Senior Program Specialist for twelve years. During her time at the county, she coordinated community coalitions, facilitated strategic planning and policy development processes related to healthy, stable housing policy, and contributed to the Multnomah County Equity and Empowerment Lens. Prior to her time at the County, Ms. Lyons worked on Tom Potter’s campaign and in the local Somali community to improve access to culturally specific services in healthcare. She has worked in Southern and Eastern Africa on public health projects for five years, working with local women’s groups to improve access to water through local artisans developing sand dams and wells, and at an orphanage as a community health worker supporting children who were HIV+. She is a strong believer that equity and transparency are vital to ensuring community members are involved in decisions that impact their lives; and that they key work of change agents is to dismantle the structures which uphold white privilege systems and create trauma for socially oppressed groups. She has a Masters Degree in International and Intercultural Management from the School for International Training in Brattleboro, Vermont.