Lifetime Achievement Award

Nick Sauvie, Executive Director, Rose Community Development

Nick is the founder and executive director of ROSE Community Development. This year marks his 30th year at ROSE, where he has worked tirelessly to improve and Revitalize Outer South East. Under Nick’s direction, ROSE has developed over 500 affordable homes and been a fearless advocate for equitable investment in infrastructure for outer southeast Portland communities. At the core of the organization has been the value that access to affordable housing gives people the opportunity to live better lives. Under his leadership, ROSE has changed the landscape in east Portland, helping to add more affordable housing to fight displacement, created homeownership opportunities for first time home buyers, and added parks, safer streets, and created stronger communities for youth, families, seniors, and anyone struggling to make ends meet.

Nick believes in the power of community to make neighborhood change. His involvement in neighborhood improvements projects is varied and for the last 30 years has prioritized equity in SE Portland, in housing, climate change, transportation and environment.

On his 30th year milestone our team is pleased to nominate him for this award.