Date: Thursday, Sept. 19

Time: 12:00 PM

Room: Grand Ballroom


  • Representative Alisa Keny-Guyer, Chair, House Committee on Human Services and Housing
  • Alison McIntosh, Policy and Communications Director, Housing Alliance


The 2019 legislative session resulted in significant wins expanding tenant protections, land use changes expanding middle housing options, and historic increases in funding for affordable housing development, manufactured housing preservation and homeownership opportunities. The lunch plenary invites legislators, affordable housing leaders and advocates to reflect on these recent wins and next steps. How can nonprofits, government and business partners best work together to ensure these opportunities and new resources are successfully implemented? How can we best ensure these wins will chip away at existing disparities and lift up access to affordable housing and homeownership for communities of color and rural communities? What are the gaps and challenges for nonprofit industry capacity to succeed in meeting these challenges in the next five years?