Date: Thursday, September 19

Time: 8:30 AM – 10:00 AM

Room: Parlor B

Track: Resident Services


  • Julia Doty, Director of Resident Services, Northwest Housing Alternatives
  • Chari Smith, President, Evaluation into Action


Participants in this session will learn about building program evaluation and data culture in Resident Services, using Northwest Housing Alternatives’ experience with program evaluation as a case study. In this presentation, attendees will be walked through NHA’s process and will have opportunities to take the concepts and practice applying them to their own programs. This will include identifying current outputs from the program, identifying program stakeholders, mapping the full scope of services, assessing current evaluation practices, measuring data, identifying programmatic outcomes, planning data collection tools, data analysis, and reporting out to stakeholders. The workshop will also cover the Housing Stability Assessment tool which was developed as part of NHA’s program evaluation process, allowing participants to evaluate their own processes for measuring housing stability.