Oregon Housing and Community Services has released the first round of 2020 NOFAs. The NOFA pages as well as the supporting documents on our website HERE.

These NOFAs are:

  • 9% LIHTC which also includes HOME, gap resources and OAHTC
  • HOME only, which also includes gap resources and OAHTC
  • LIFT Rental, which also includes the ability to leverage 4% LIHTC  and OAHTC
  • LIFT Homeownership
  • Preservation, which also includes the ability to leverage 4% LIHTC and OAHTC

OHCS is launching their new electronic application system. This Expectations document has additional information about what that means.

Tutorial videos are available with registration at:

  • LIFT Rental NOFA – HERE
  • LIFT Homeownership NOFA – HERE
  • Preservation NOFA – HERE

Any questions about these offerings should be sent to MFNOFA@oregon.gov.