May 29, 2024

Oregon Centralized Application (ORCA) Launches

The new Oregon Centralized Application (ORCA) has launched. ORCA offers loans, grants, and tax credit funds to develop and preserve affordable rental housing throughout Oregon. You can learn more about how to apply and the funding available on the OHCS website.

We encourage applicants to review this information before attending the training session on June 6. Register for the June 6 training.

ORCA values

The Oregon Centralized Application is based on the following values:

  • Maximize housing resources: Address the critical need for housing by using all possible resources for building or securing affordable rental housing.
  • Center equity and racial justice: Ensure funding serves tenants equitably and supports development by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color-led organizations. Dedicated funding pathways are available for culturally specific organizations and Tribal Nations.
  • Serve the whole state: Develop affordable housing in communities across the state with specific funding set-asides available to ensure rural communities have dedicated pathways to access resources.
  • Center tenants needs: Prioritize tenant needs in building design and funding strategies, and value partnerships with local nonprofits and housing authorities.
  • Predictable and available resources: OHCS must expedite resource delivery with clear offerings and flexible funding that supports projects ready to move forward.

Application process

OHCS will accept applications on a rolling basis as funding is available. ORCA will allocate funds on a first-ready, first-reviewed basis to ensure project readiness. The Intake Form is the entry point for the ORCA process. OHCS will notify projects that are ready to move forward in the ORCA process with further instructions. Details about the three-step application process will be outlined at the training on June 6. Please view training videos, access Frequently Asked Questions and submit additional questions.