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Planning to build affordable housing in Eugene? Consider applying for SDC exemptions!

SDC Exemption Program Applications Due April 26, 2024


The City of Eugene will be accepting applications for system development charge (SDC) exemptions for qualified local affordable housing projects beginning February 28 through April 26, 2024. The SDC exemptions can be used for rental housing for households earning 60% of the area median income (AMI) or below (50,580 for a family of four); or for homeownership housing for households earning 80% AMI or below (67,450 for a family of four). Many housing types are eligible including single-family homes, attached homes (duplexes, triplexes etc.), accessory dwelling units (ADUs), as well as multi-unit developments.

Exemption funding is limited, and the total amount of requests often exceeds the amount available. To help provide a clear framework and process for projects interested in getting SDC exemptions, the City uses a request for proposal (RFP) process to allocate funds. The RFP will collect information to help prioritize funding for projects that:

· offer the highest percentage of units serving the lowest income households.

· provide more than 5% of units to be accessible for people with physical disabilities.

· commit to longer affordability periods than the minimum 5 years.

· provide the most units within their category (rental or home ownership).

· provide housing affordable to low-income households in higher-income census tracts to support diverse housing opportunities.

Projects must:

· Be located in Eugene city limits.

· Have control of the property and be ready to start construction within 12 months of approval.

· Meet affordability criteria outlined in the application.

· Apply prior to permits being issued (SDC exemptions cannot be applied retroactively).

· Submit a complete application by the deadline.

The Request for Proposals is an open, competitive process. Proposals will be reviewed, scored, and ranked based on the information provided in the application.

Applications are available on the city’s website.

For more information contact Laura Hammond, 541-682-5502; LHammond@eugene-or.gov.

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