Date: Thursday, Oct. 15

Time: 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm PDT

Venue: Zoom link will be provided through registration system prior to event


Robin Wolff, Senior Program Director, Rural Housing, Enterprise Community Partners


Rose Ojeda, RECD Manufactured Housing Project Manager, CASA of Oregon
Rob Prasch, Preservation Director, Network for Oregon Affordable Housing

Affordable preservation, like development, can be even more difficult in rural areas. While rents are lower, so are Area Median Incomes and the costs of labor and materials are often as high or higher than in urban centers. Add in the scarcity of financial resources and increased competition for them, and the barriers to the creation and preservation of housing in rural areas become even higher. The need to keep rents affordable for lower-income families requires flexible thinking, efficiencies in rehabilitation and operation, as well as limiting debt to the extent possible by using scarce grant funds. This session will examine those challenges and present information on how they are being met in Oregon’s rural communities.