Date: Thursday, Sept. 19

Time: 10:15 AM – 11:45 AM

Room: TBD


  • Bill Van Vliet, Network for Oregon Affordable Housing (NOAH)
  • Others to be added

Workshop explores the need to preserve approximately 140,000 manufactured homes across both rural and urban Oregon and opportunities made available by the passage of HB 2896 – the manufactured housing omnibus bill. The bill provides new resources to support homeowners in decommissioning and replacing their manufactured homes. Explores successful efforts to create co-op conversion and expand the pool of nonprofits and housing authorities interested in acquiring and preserving manufactured housing. Many existing manufactured homes were built prior to 1980 as well as many homeowners owning their home but renting the land beneath it. Many of these homes, disproportionately owned by lower-income households, are in disrepair and unhealthy due to mold and other hazardous materials resulting in the need for creative statewide solutions.