Known aggregators have been lobbying heavily in the Senate for removal of the LIHTC preservation provisions currently in the House version of the Build Back Better Act. These provisions would strengthen the ROFR and roll back the Qualified Contract. So far Senator Wyden is holding firm but is under growing pressure. If these provisions are stricken from the bill, it will be a very long time before another opportunity to reign these activities in presents itself.

Senator Wyden wants to hear from Oregon affordable housing owners and operators that this issue is important for our state.  Rob Prasch, Preservation Director with the Network for Oregon Affordable Housing, is organizing a sign-on letter to encourage Senator Wyden to stand firm.  To sign-on, contact Rob by Wednesday, December 8 at

In addition, reach out directly to Senator Wyden’s staff to let them know you believe these important preservation provisions need to be included in the BBBA.  Contact either Isaiah Akin, Legislative Director at, or Madison Moskowitz, Legislative Aide, at If you are currently in negotiations with a known Aggregator, or have already been through a negotiation, it’s especially important that they hear from you.