In 2018, the Housing and Facilities Development and Manufactured Housing Cooperative Development departments were combined to create the Real Estate and Cooperative Development (RECD) Department. The primary responsibility of the position is to direct the workflow and assist staff in the efficient and effective development of affordable housing, non-housing facilities that serve communities throughout Oregon and the conversion of manufactured home parks into resident-owned communities. As a member of the management team, this position reports to the Deputy Director.
Key executive responsibilities include:

  • Overseeing CASA’s pipeline of projects by identifying potential projects and managing ongoing new construction and rehabilitation of rental housing, community facilities, and manufactured home park preservation through forming ROCs (Resident-Owned Communities).
  • Developing and maintaining a strategic business plan for the department that accounts for long-term sustainability.
  • Forming and implementing pilot projects and other programs that support CASA’s overall mission
  • Leading other affordable housing initiatives that further the goals of CASA’s RECD programs throughout the state.
  • Managing departmental staff by acting as a resource and providing technical project support. Overseeing staff professional development through coaching, and identifying training needs and opportunities, while soliciting feedback on departmental activities from staff members.
  • Monitoring local, state and federal policy as it relates to the work of the department. This includes responding to, and interfacing with, national, state and local funders on funding program priorities and requirements. The position involves conducting educational campaigns and informational sessions to expand awareness of CASA’s housing priorities among local communities, policymakers, housing providers and manufactured home park owners.

If this position appeals to you, submit your resume demonstrating your experience in the categories above, a cover letter, and 5 references.  For more info and to apply online go to this link.