Date: Wednesday, Sept. 18

Time: 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Room: Galleria I

Track: Resident Services


  • Julia Doty, Director of Resident Services, Northwest Housing Alternatives
  • Amal Ahmed, Resident Services Specialist, Human Solutions
  • Melissa Arnold, Community Services Program Supervisor, Home Forward


This half-day workshop explores the role of Resident Services in connecting residents of affordable housing to services and programs that support housing stability, household opportunity and advancement. Participants will learn about the wide range of services typically provided by this profession including housing stability services, eviction prevention, information and referral and community building. In addition, you’ll consider best practices for programming with youth, seniors, and culturally specific communities, as well as the importance of collaborating with property management teams to create vibrant, healthy, and stable housing communities. Interactive exercises and dialogues will engage participants in conflict resolution skills and sharing of common challenges and frustrations.