Best places to start for information related to the COVID-19 crisis Oregon Housing Authority (OHA) and US Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Below are resources on COVID-19 to support your staff working with homeless individuals and families (Sources, CDC, Oregon Health Authority, Multnomah County and national homeless organizations):

Homeless shelters and camps guidance

Portland specific resources

  • Portland Emergency Hygiene Stations Map – The Portland Homeless and Urban Camping Impact Reduction Program has placed portable toilets with interior handwashing stations and standalone handwashing stations with water and soap around the city.
  • Outreach campaign to homeless camps – The Joint Office of Homeless Services (Multnomah County & City of Portland) is coordinating an outreach campaign to share educational information to homeless individuals. They are seeking service providers who have outreach staff who want to be part of their coordinated outreach effort. Contact Celeste M. Duvall, Unsheltered Homelessness Emergency Program Specialist at

National, state and local resources