Star Player Awards

Recognizes the outstanding contributions one individual within a voting member organization has made over the course of the previous year with special attention this year to their resilience and perseverance through the challenges of the COVID pandemic.

Camela Raymond, Communications Manager – Housing Development Center

Camela has been a part of Housing Development Center on and off since its founding in 1993. In her work as HDC’s communications manager, Camela is the one employee who touches everything we do. She has the ability to take a large amount of esoteric information about an organization, service plan, or development vision and distill it into a clear, compelling description for a funding application or proposal. Her role has never been more critical than in the last two years with folks working remotely and sometimes feeling disconnected keeping the team tethered to HDC’s affordable housing colleagues by continuing her uplifting blog posts and newsletters, reminding us all why we do this work.