There is a growing interest in how affordable housing and homeless service providers can help ensure residents are ready to get the COVID vaccination shot when they are eligible. An increasing number of your residents in higher-risk categories (see below) become eligible for shots this week followed by multi-generational households becoming eligible April 19.

How affordable housing organizations can help

A representative from the state and Providence Health & Services joined our February Portland Metro Policy Council meeting to share their thoughts on action steps we can take. Ideas brainstormed included helping distribute educational information about decreasing vaccine hesitancy, assisting residents with scheduling online appointments, coordinating transportation to nearby clinics, and advocating for locating vaccination clinics nearby or on site.

  • Step Three: Document tenant demographics by apartment in your county. While this was just a suggestion to help public health officials understand the need – identify what percentage of your tenants or clients are seniors, people of color, and people with disabilities (those more likely to have underlying health conditions) that will be eligible for shots sooner. You can use this Excel spreadsheet to get started.

Who is eligible and when?

Twenty Oregon counties qualified this week to begin offering COVID-19 vaccinations to expanded eligibility groups with the balance of counties starting next week, March 29. These groups include:

  • Adults ages 45 to 65 with one or more underlying conditions (page 3) with increased risk
  • Migrant and seasonal farm workers
  • Seafood and agricultural workers
  • Food processing workers
  • People living in low-income, senior congregate and independent living facilities
  • Sheltered and unsheltered individuals experiencing houselessness, etc.

Come April 19, eligibility expands to include all frontline workers (see page 2), multigenerational household members, and adults 16-44 with underlying conditions with increased risk. Then on May 1, all people who are 16 and older are eligible.

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