Strides for Equity Award

Recognizes the many different ways our members across the state embrace diverse populations in their communities and ensure that prosperity is a tide that lifts all boats.

The Art Initiative – Homes for Good

In 2020, Homes for Good implemented the Art Initiative to incorporate art into affordable housing developments with the goal to connect the people served by their housing programs with art in community spaces. Competitive Requests For Proposals has resulted in installations at The Commons on MLK, Market District Commons, and The Nel. RFPs have preference point for local artists, members of the BIPOC community, former and/or current residents, and people with low incomes as defined by HUD. A scoring criterion for Trauma Informed Design (TID) principles is included. One of the artists, Vietnam born Uyen-thi Nguyen, notes her love for community brought her to volunteer on nonprofit boards and with local arts organizations, and teach youth arts programs.