We are heading into a new surge in homelessness in January if we don’t take action now.

On December 31st – in just 4-1/2 weeks – the state’s eviction moratorium will end. People who have been struggling during the COVID crisis could be locked out of their homes in the middle of winter because they are behind on rent through no fault of their own.

With the eviction moratorium ending, and no sign of the pandemic abating, thousands of Oregonians are at risk of sudden homelessness. And the disproportionate impact of job losses and of the virus on our neighbors who are low-income, Black, Indigenous, and people of color is both stark and cruel.

We can’t let this happen!

Oregon lawmakers must take action to extend the eviction moratorium and provide rental assistance for people whose lives have been impacted by COVID-19.

What is being proposed

The House Interim Committee on Housing met earlier last week to consider a proposal – Legislative Concept 18 – that would extend the eviction moratorium through the school year this spring and provide $100 million from the State’s General Fund for a landlord compensation fund.

Here’s the letter in support Housing Oregon submitted to members of the House Interim Committee on Housing.

Options for Contacting your lawmakers

Simple form template to contact your lawmakers – message sent directly to your legislators
Look up you legislators on your own to email and/or call:

What to tell your legislators

Let them know we can’t make the crisis worse by kicking people out of their homes.

  • Extend the eviction moratorium to get families through the school year – to July 1, 2021
  • Provide protection to both renters and landlords against financial losses from back rent:
    • Give people more time to pay back rent.
    • Provide protections for renters who have been unable to pay full rent.
    • Create a $100 million landlord compensation fund in the event renters aren’t able to pay all or part of their rent.

Too many Oregonians are looking to the New Year with unnecessary dread as COVID has left them with looming evictions or back due rent.

Imagine trying to do at-home schooling during COVID from a shelter, or your car. But that’s what people are facing. One in five of Oregon renting families with children say they have low confidence they can make next month’s rent. 40% of Hispanic/Latino renters, 31% of Black renters and 27% of renters over 55 years old say the same. Come January, if they can’t pay rent, these Oregonians risk being on the streets if we don’t take action.

Lawmakers must extend the eviction moratorium and give people a fair chance to catch up on their rent after the COVID crisis is over.

Lawmakers need to hear from each and every one of us today.

For Info: Contact Brian Hoop, Housing Oregon, brian@housingoregon.org or 503-475-6056