The Oregon Homeowner Assistance Fund helps homeowners who are in a difficult financial situation due to the coronavirus pandemic. As part of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, Oregon will receive $90 million to help eligible homeowners avoid mortgage foreclosures, delinquencies, defaults and displacements.

Oregon Housing and Community Services is working to help eligible homeowners, focusing first on homeowners who are the most at-risk of foreclosure or who have the fewest options to prevent losing their housing. OHCS is currently accepting applications from homeowners in Phases 1 and 2. HAF will open more broadly over time and plans to open to all eligible homeowners in the first half of 2022. However, throughout the phases, HAF will target homeowners who are the most at risk of foreclosure or who have the fewest workout options.

Tools for nonprofit homeownership counseling programs

OHCS has been leading a foreclosure prevention communications coordination workgroup over the past several months providing a range of tools for homeownership counseling programs.

A Facebook Live session on “How can I avoid mortgage assistance scams?” recently took place. You can still access the video at or share this social media post.

A website provides a range of tools for homeownership counselors including social media resources and Homeownership Assistance Fund application materials.

Individuals and families can find eligibility requirements and phases timeline, application resources, frequently asked questions, contact information, fraud prevention and reporting tools, legal aid and more at

Key messages on foreclosure prevention

  • The foreclosure moratorium ended on Dec. 31.
  • Free help is available to homeowners who have fallen behind or are at risk of missing a mortgage payment.
  • Contact a housing counselor in your area for free to learn about your options.
  • Several federal, state, and local foreclosure prevention programs are available to help. Learn what type of loan you have.
  • If you get a call or letter from your mortgage servicer, respond right away.
  • Be on the lookout for fraud. Don’t give out your financial or personal information unless you verify the company or person’s licensing status.

Key message on the Homeownership Assistance Fund

  • The Oregon Homeowner Assistance Fund is a federal program.
  • It’s for homeowners having a hard time financially due to the pandemic.
  • It helps people keep their homes by paying for housing expenses. Expenses like mortgage payments, property taxes, and homeowners’ association (HOA) dues.
  • Funds are limited, but we will try to serve as many homeowners at risk of foreclosure as possible. We estimate this program will be able to help 1,200 homeowners.
  • The Homeowner Assistance Fund will open in phases. To apply in Phases 1 or 2, you must meet with a housing counselor, although limited exceptions apply.
  • If you apply in the wrong phase, we won’t be able to process your application. You will need to reapply again later in the correct phase.
  • Contact a certified housing counselor in your area to learn about your options and see if you might qualify for this program.

For more information about the OHCS foreclosure prevention communications coordinating efforts contact Kim Travis at